Our aim is to provide guests with a comfortable and sustainable stay all year round.

When developing the Roost, we focused on a number of key elements which we felt could lower the environmental impact of the business.

There's lots going on behind the scenes that guests might not notice so here's a little insight into what we do.

"The Roost is a real eco gem and sitting outside the cabins you feel immersed in nature."

You can learn more about what we do and watch videos where we talk about sustainability for Business Wales, here.

Making the most of the sunshine and showers

We take advantage of both the sun and the rain at the Roost. At the end of 2022, we installed solar panels so the Roost is now powered by solar backed up by 100% renewable energy. From the beginning, we’ve been an electric only site. Hot water runs off an insulated hot water tank which generates and stores lovely hot water for the showers and kitchens.

We harvest rainwater in big hidden tanks. This water is used to flush loos, wash bikes and water the garden saving a considerable amount of drinking water. If the tanks run low, a rainwater back up system switches to mains so we never run out.

Energy and water efficient facilities

In the kitchens and shower rooms, we have LED lights and extractor fans on motion sensors so there’s no switches and no electricity wasted there either.

The shower rooms have push button showers and taps to limit water wastage. The loos have low level flushes and use rain water and the heaters cut out if left on.

In the kitchens we provide washable scrubbies and washing up brushes with replaceable heads. We recycle as much as possible and encourage guests to do the same. There are separate bins for cardboard, glass, plastic and tins, and food.

All our cleaning/laundry products, hand washes and shampoo/body washes are eco-friendly and refilled limiting our use of single use plastics and deliveries.

The cabins are well insulated and have LED lights. Wi-Fi controlled heaters enable us to turn the heaters on to make the cabins cosy for arriving guests. They also mean we can turn them off when guests leave. We ask guests to be considerate in their usage of the heaters - not leaving them on with the doors/windows open, when they go out etc. Little things make a big difference.

Timer switches

Timer switches mean things don't get left on. We use them in the drying room (for the heater, fan and dehumidifier), and for the festoon lights that make the Roost look pretty at night. If they go off, you just have to push the button again.

Electric vehicle charger

Electric vehicle charging

We have a twin EV charger so if you’ve got an electric vehicle, you can charge it overnight without having to worry about finding somewhere to charge it (sign up and charges apply).

A natural setting

We want the Roost to be a haven for wildlife as well as our guests. The site already had lots of trees but we wanted to add to this. We've planted native hedging (800+ whips of different varieties including hazel, dog rose and hawthorn) and lots of trees including fruit trees (the apples are delicious). We've even planted our old Christmas trees.

We advocate ‘no mow’ to encourage bees and insects so you won’t find us strimming too often, just enough so you can still see the cabins. We also have bird nesting boxes and bird feeders dotted about and a bat box.

Travel to the Roost by train

With the village train station just a five minute walk away and connections to Cardiff and beyond, why not bring your bike on the train? You can get to BikePark Wales in about 15 minutes by bike and off road. And, we’re on the Taff Trail (cycle route 8) which connects to Brecon and Cardiff. You could always cycle to us or stop off on the way through.

Check out Lôn Las Cymru, national cycle route 8. A challenging long-distance trail that takes in the Taff Trail and runs the length of Wales, from Cardiff to Anglesey/Ynys Mon.

Green Key certified

The Roost is Green Key certified so you can stay with us and know that we’re doing what we can to make your stay comfortable and sustainable.

“The Green Key certificate is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. A Green Key assures guests that, by choosing to stay with a Green Key establishment, they are helping make a difference for the environment.”

The Roost is signed up to the Green Growth Pledge